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Working in partnership to NHS Wales

Workplace Worksafe in Ruthin Denbighshire work in partnership with the Welsh Government, Elite Clothing Solutions, & Brodwaith PPE (scrubs) to NHS Wales.

Work to produce medical scrubs for the NHS is underway at three sites across Wales, with Workplace Worksafe, Elite Clothing Solutions & Brodwaith working closely with the Welsh Government to set up the product PPE to supply into the NHS Wales.

As stated by the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters yesterday on BBC Wales 

“When the Welsh Government heard that the Far East and sub-continent would be partially closing down production, it took action to secure a large amount of fabric from within the UK so it could be used to produce up to 2,500 scrubs per week in Wales.’

Rhian Parry, MD 

Since the start of the COVID 19 crisis, we have been working tirelessly to source PPE and where possible get production slots for our customers in Wales. So, I am super pleased that we are providing garments and products for our NHS and emergency services.  Over the coming weeks, we will continue to work night and day to help source & secure compliant PPE equipment for our emergency services’

 If you are a manufacturer and might be able to help then please contact Rhian Parry MD